Glorious online victories


In the pandemic break online games have become again popular. We happily announce two great victories of the last weeks: One of our coaches, Imre Héra beat French star, GM Vachier Lagrave in Titled Tuesday, while our top student, GM Korpa won versus former finalist of the world Championship, GM Boris Gelfand! Congratutions to the results!

Here you can replay the Korpa-Gelfand game: https://lichess.org/RCZoam6w

Latest press release from Vas Népe online about Imre Héra


The local newpaper of the county has made an interview with our coach about his career and recent results with his club. You can read the English version of it.

If you are interested, the original article can be found here: https://www.vaol.hu/sport/helyi-sport/arany-disneylandbol-ifj-hera-imre-nagymester-gyermekkora-ota-sakkozik-3947679/

Training camp for the national team


The captain of the Hungarian national team, GM Róbert Márkus has organized the first training camp of the year. The players had an excellent place to train for a week at the 4-star Hotel Karos Spa. As being member of the squad, our second coach, GM Imre Héra was also invited. In the middle of week the chief secretary of the Hungarian federation, Róbert Kapás visited the guys and introduced the new manager of the national teams.

Exciting battles in the Hungarian championship


GM Imre Héra participated in the Hungarian KO Championship. In the first stage among top 16, he faced his clubmate, IM Miklós Németh. The classical games were ended as draws again and our coach qualified in the rapid playoff. In the quarter final he was paired with one of the most solid grandmasters of the country, GM Viktor Erdős. The long games were tied again, finally GM Erdős was the winner of the rapid encounter.